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Canberra is located in the Northern zone of Singapore and is between Sembawang and Yishun Town.  This new estate has grew in population because of more residential homes are built since 2012.

In order to cater for the population growth in Canberra, there are two new malls in the area.  Firstly, Canberra Plaza will have food court, supermarket, enrichment centres, clinics and restaurants will be in the plaza.  Secondly, Bukit Canberra is an integrated community and sport hub with amenities such as polyclinic, hawker centre, outdoor and indoor sport facilites.

Dairy Farm Residences is built along Dairy Farm Road.  Many are puzzled on how does the road name come along since there are no farms in Singapore?

Back in the years 1930s, Cold Storage’s Managing Director began the world’s first dairy farm in a hot climate on the grounds of Bukit Timah Road.  The aim of the farm was to cater pasteurised milk fresh from the farm to the local expatriates.  The brand is known as’ Magnolia’.  There were a herd of around 800 cows back then and the location of farm was the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve now.